Increase of Yearly Suicide Rates

The world has experienced rapid technological advances within the last century that has made our lives a thousand times easier – or so it appears at first sight. In retrospect, it appears that some fatal cracks have appeared in our civilization on a major scale that has had a severe impact on individuals from all aspects of life.

One striking sign of this is the steadily mounting suicide rates, especially among the younger generation. One would expect a natural increase in the suicide rate due to the booming population but the ratio is skewed beyond measure.

There may be many contributing factors as to why suicide rates are growing yearly. It is an alarming phenomenon that needs to be urgently addressed.


The statistics suggest that more men commit suicide on a yearly basis than women. This data might be a direct reflection of the consequences of the immense pressures that society has placed on men. Unlike women, men are generally expected to be tougher and stronger. They are not allowed to show emotions and generally discouraged from expressing their issues which maybe the cause of these tilted statistics.

Being the provider, the sole bread earner, and the protector of a family in these hectic, dark times is a daunting task for many men.


Some parts of the world have greater suicide rates than others. South Korea is a country where blood cleanup services have an alarming amount of work on their hands due to the ridiculously high suicide numbers.

Sri Lanka currently tops the list compiled by the World Health Organization which measures suicides per hundred-thousand people per year, with a male to female ratio of 4.42. Which mea

ns for every woman, more than four men commit suicide.


Studies suggest one of the most common reasons for the high suicide rates is financial instability; the stress of which is further aggravated by one or more mental conditions. Mental illness can present seemingly regular problems as mountains impossible to scale.

The world has become a difficult place to live in for many people. Crime rates increasing in the US has resulted in more and more people looking for a quick escape.

Today’s competitive world means less opportunity for individuals despite them working twice as hard as their parents or grandparents did. Coupled with the monumental expectation piled on them by family members are what usually drive these people to such decisions.


We have learned a lot about mental illness within the last few years but it’s still a relatively unknown part of medical science. It is imperative that we familiarize ourselves with signs of mental illness within family members and friends early on and get them much needed professional help rather than mocking them or dismissing their issues as “craziness” that will pass.

Counseling or Therapy is essential for people who need a boost to get their life going. Instilling optimism and generating willpower in dispirited individuals is a matter of subtlety.


We must also not shy away from the use of prescribed medication where it’s justified. Mental illness is like any other illness. It often requires medication to be effectively treated.