Tips to avoid locking my keys in my car

All of us would have encountered a situation where accidently or unparalleled car keys would have fallen down from your pockets. Surprising that even the locksmith in Houston end by leaving their car keys inside the car. This brings us to the question where do we turn to at this point of time. If you do fall into the category of leaving your car keys inside the car a few tips to follow would be.

Each door would be prone to checks

If you happen to lock the keys inside the car the first thing that you would need to do would be to try and open each single door. The chances are that it will not open, but you would not like to spend money on a professional when you found that the back seat could serve as an entry point. In modern vehicles with a single push button the whole vehicle shuts itself down. Though in some older variants of vehicles this does not happen to be the case as each door would need to be shut down on a one on one basis. This approach would be somewhat of a Popalock model

Key Fob

This would be one of the observing points on purchase of your vehicle. It would be important if you are planning to use the vehicle and not the key. If this happens to be the case then the chances are that a car key would be hidden in the remote. So before you seek any form of professional services do cross check whether the car key happens to be in the remote.

In the vehicle keep a spare key

Once you have gone on try the above steps and no luck appears, then what to do? At this point of time the only way you can enter a car without seeking help of a professional would be a spare key. One of the safe bets would be to hide it somewhere outside of the vehicle. Numerous products are available in the market where you can hide these keys. The moment you are doing so at least avoid half a dozen places where the thieves can reach them in an easy manner.

To a trusted friend it would not be a bad idea to hand over a spare

If all of the above options does not yield any desired results, then do not take the responsibility on you. It would be better if you could pass it on to someone else, may be a friend of yours. You could also exercise another option where you could hand it over to a neighbour of yours. Here the most important to consider would be how compatible you are with the person and a sense of trust. Trust me there would be no point in handing over the keys to your friend who lives an hour away from your place. Just weigh the possibilities to which you can hand over.